Sporting activities

Stirling High offers a wide variety of sports for both boys and girls, as listed below. All sports are offered for both boys and girls except Netball (girls) and Rugby (boys).

Summer Sports: Athletics, Aerobics, Badminton (Nutting Hall), Biathle/Biathlon, Cricket, Cross Country, Diving, Golf (E.L. Golf club), Horse Riding, Pilates, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Water Polo.

Winter Sports: Badminton, Biathle/Biathlon, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Horse Riding, Netball, Pilates, Rugby, Squash, Surfing, Tennis.

It is school policy that every pupil must do at least one summer sport and one winter sport. He or she may, however, do more than one sport.

Numerous sports tours are available and Stirling teams regularly travel around the country to participate in tournaments or on specific tours. We encourage as much international exposure and experience as possible and regular foreign tours are also available. Recent Cricket and Hockey destinations have included The Netherlands, India and Argentina and the Water Polo team has been twice to Hungary.