Cultural Facilities

Stirling boasts the state-of–the-art Stirling Music Centre and Auditorium, a high-quality performance and teaching venue containing an auditorium that suits professional music performance, six individual music classrooms, a big teaching venue/Green Room, practice rooms and amenities. The design is based upon the architecture of some of the leading music venues in Europe, with a performance space that offers size but retains intimacy, and a building that focuses on bringing together teaching and performance in an overlapping space. A brand-new full-size grand piano complements the quality music equipment already available, and acoustics have been paramount in the design. Locating it at the entrance to the school has fore-grounded the importance Stirling places on a holistic education and emphasises the long-term contribution music has made to Stirling’s reputation. We regularly host touring national musicians in various music styles, and have hosted performances by professional musicians from Britain, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, France, Latvia, The Netherlands, Spain and the US.

The school hall is well suited to dramatic and dance performance with good acoustics and a modern sound and lighting system and plays are performed there as well as the Dance Spectacular. There is also a spacious Drama room with lighting rig.

For more information about performances at the Stirling Music Centre & Auditorium please visit:  www.stirlinghsmusic.co.za