Boshoff House

Stirling’s on-campus residence, Boshoff House, is named after Dr Hendrik Boshoff, headmaster of the school 1973-1982. The hostel is a home from home for approximately 75 learners whose families reside in nearby towns or are part of the local farming community.

Learners from Grades Eight to Twelve are accommodated in separate quarters for boys and girls. The hostel caters fully for the needs of the learners and is situated centrally on the school estate, giving learners access to the excellent facilities at the school. The learners are permitted access to the school swimming pool and gym, under supervision. Hostel facilities include a recreation room with television, Dstv Compact, pool table, table-tennis table, sound system and a computer area with access to the school network and Internet as well as a Wi-fi hotspot in the common room.

Two school families and five 'duty teachers' (usually teachers at the school) reside in the hostel in a supervisory capacity. The superintendent is ultimately responsible for the general well-being of the learners and is assisted by two matrons who take care of nutrition, laundry and day-to-day matters. Learner accommodation is comfortable and secure and the meals, prepared by an experienced and dedicated staff, are plentiful and of a very high standard.

The hostel day is structured in such a way that learners are able to participate in the sporting and cultural programmes of the school as well as give adequate attention to academic work. Prep is held in the school building from 16:30 to 17:45, with a break for dinner, and from 18:40 to 20:00, under the supervision of the duty teacher for the day.

The hostel environment is one in which learners can thrive, as they are well cared for, provided with healthy parameters which instill self-discipline and independence and provides them with a home away from home.